Stop loosing money...claim your Google My Business

Follow the next steps


The link will take you to the Google My Business (GMB) page where you can find your business and or add your business


The link will take you to a page that looks like this

Here you will search for your business. If your business is listed follow the next step.

If your business is not listed then click on the "Add your business to Google"


After you find your business follow the steps provided by google

Still lost? go back to the blog and see detailed instructions read how you are losing money on the next slides

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Stop Loosing Money

Still having issues? We can help you set up your GMB get ahead of the competition.

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How are you loosing customers?

When you need to find a place to eat where do you search for restaraunts near you?

1) Google 2) Google 3) GOOGLE!!!!!

What happens if your business is not on Google?

Business is not on Google?

If your business is not on google the customer doesn't know and they go somewhere else...and just like that you lose one customer....

What if your business is on Google?? Is that all you need?

Business is on Google...Done? nooooooo

Ok, your business is on google that means you are set? No, you have to make sure all the information is up to date. Wrong phone number then they can't reach you. No will the customer know of all you offer if you dont have a's almost like having a business and having no sing.....

Having a business but no sign...

Does your business have a sing outside? Yes...simple your business should have a website. Does your business have an open sign...yes! Google my business is like that OPEN sign letting customers know you are open, your hours, phone numer to reach out.

I have all information needed out front they can come and check my hours....

The average customer will not waste their time coming down to your business to check if you are open. They will search on Google to see what's open. STOP LOOSING MONEY!

Need help? We are here for you and will make sure your GMB is up and all information is correct!

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Have a great day!